Rights and prudence

Sexual intercourse without the consent of all the parties involved is rape, regardless of the sex or identity of the perpetrator.

A spouse can commit rape. A woman can commit rape.

A woman in a public house may express willingness to have sex with a man but if she changes her mind in the hotel room, or at the very last second when the man is about to penetrate her; it becomes non-consensual and is therefore rape if the man does not heed her refusal, however last-minute or fickle it might seem.

An adult in a first-world society is free to do whatever he wants as long as no physical or emotional harm is done to any other person, within limits of the law in that particular land.

This means a woman, in this case the rape victim, has the right to stay over at a man’s house for a drink, regardless of the time or circumstance. It was not her fault that she chose to go over to a friend’s house alone. It was not her fault that with only two other people in the house, both men, she chose to consume alcohol and get drunk. If the men then chose to rape her, harm her, it was their fault and their responsibility as adults to face the consequences.

Having said that, as a parent, it will be very human for me to warn my daughter of the possible dangers of getting drunk in the presence of men, or that the revealing attire on them might attract unwanted attention.

It is a matter of course that women have every right to wear and do whatever they want. It is also a matter of course that as a parent my concern for my daughters would somehow give me no choice but to feel that they should have at least been more prudent.


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