A short and chubby man

Does height matter?

It does if one intends to be a flight steward.

It does if one aspires to be a popular ‘actor’ in our looks-obsessed television industry.

It does not and never has been if one is looking for a life partner.


I am a short and chubby yellow-skinned man with thin black hair atop an unflatteringly high brow with a pair of beady quintessential Chinese eyes squinting through black horn-rimmed spectacles that perch on a greasy flat nose. 
Thin unkissable lips and a protruding chin complete the nerdy look.
Er, I am not someone whom the average girl on the street calls a ‘hunk’, am I?
Fortunately for me, my wife does not like jocks: she fancies nerds.
She likes me for my intelligence, eloquence and wit. It helps that I was a debater and orator during my school days and that I apparently have a ‘beautiful’ speaking voice, or so she opines. I also wooed her in the old-fashioned, poetry-writing way.
We have now been married for 11 years, after a four-year courtship, and have four beautiful children.
There is always something about oneself of which one can be proud. Focus on that. It will boost one’s confidence for a start.
As time passes, with many experiences and lessons learnt along the way, maturity settles in, and with that usually the diminishing of these trivial insecurities.

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