Domestic helpers are human too

Before one sits comfortably in the moral high chair and ejaculate (pun very much intended and very viciously so) simplistic ripostes about their not getting pregnant in the first place, put oneself in the shoes of these workers.

They are human beings, like all of us, with social and sexual needs. They are working in an alien country for long stretches of time without going home, without hugging their children, without making love with their partners.

What would the average person, with an average muster of self-control, do? It has nothing to do with their work attitudes. The saintliest among us if given similar circumstances might also falter.

A man would at the very least masturbate, if not visit the red light district. So maybe the domestic workers should do the same?

Otherwise quit the holier-than-thou rhetoric about how these foreign domestic workers are not to be trusted and are unruly and how they should focus on only working in their employers’ homes instead of finding for themselves Bangladeshi construction-worker boyfriends.

Instead of thou-shalt-nots and thou-shalts, for goodness’ sake offer a listening ear and an open heart.

Maybe a vibrator and boxes of condoms too.


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